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A topic by Daratrix created Apr 05, 2018 Views: 66
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Here we'll try to keep track of the game's evolution over time.

Update 1.0.1

  • Corrected a bug where axis on XBox controller wouldn't work.
  • Linux builds deleted because of Unity internal issues with coroutines (camera shakes and dice rolls don't work on this platform).
  • New sprites for the second player in Duo play.
  • New dice combo punchlines.
  • Dice kills now reward extra points. Consecutive kills from the same dice roll will give an increasing number of points!

Update 1.0.2 

  • Corrected some positioning problems on the game over score panel.
  • Player names will now be displayed on the game over score panel.
  • NEW! Audio settings (general, player, zombies, jingles, music).
  • NEW! Player settings and audio settings now persist between game sessions.
  • NEW! Zombies will now have a 0.5 second period of "pre-rage" during which they are slightly more red without bonuses, before entering the actual rage state with speed bonuses and full red colouring.
  • NEW! Adrenaline ! New dice roll that increases the player movement speed by 10 % of the base value.

Update 1.0.2 a

  • You can now play the game directly in your web browser! Be aware that your settings (input, audio) will not be saved if you're not using the desktop version.