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Dé-capité community · Created a new topic Changelog
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Here we'll try to keep track of the game's evolution over time.

Update 1.0.1

  • Corrected a bug where axis on XBox controller wouldn't work.
  • Linux builds deleted because of Unity internal issues with coroutines (camera shakes and dice rolls don't work on this platform).
  • New sprites for the second player in Duo play.
  • New dice combo punchlines.
  • Dice kills now reward extra points. Consecutive kills from the same dice roll will give an increasing number of points!

Update 1.0.2 

  • Corrected some positioning problems on the game over score panel.
  • Player names will now be displayed on the game over score panel.
  • NEW! Audio settings (general, player, zombies, jingles, music).
  • NEW! Player settings and audio settings now persist between game sessions.
  • NEW! Zombies will now have a 0.5 second period of "pre-rage" during which they are slightly more red without bonuses, before entering the actual rage state with speed bonuses and full red colouring.
  • NEW! Adrenaline ! New dice roll that increases the player movement speed by 10 % of the base value.

Update 1.0.2 a

  • You can now play the game directly in your web browser! Be aware that your settings (input, audio) will not be saved if you're not using the desktop version.
Dé-capité community · Created a new topic Bug report
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Post here all the bugs you encounter during your play sessions, it will help us correct them. Please describe precisely what you see that is not supposed to happen, and what you did to trigger it.

Known bugs:

  • Player attack animation may start again when attacking.
  • Some worms may spawn out of the playing area if a dice opens next to a map border.