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Different words on same day

A topic by Bbblue created May 24, 2022 Views: 2,125 Replies: 8
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Hi, I am just wondering why doing my daily dordle and then sharing my result with my friend, why we get different words on our Dordle? Her two words are consistently different to mine and we both do daily dordle? Does anyone have any idea what's going on? 

Anyone who is involved with Quordle have an answer for me? 

Try refreshing your cache, one of you still has an old version of the game loaded.

what date is the new version? Mine January 

We both started doing it around the same time, clearing the cache means erasing history, yes? Getting rid of all cookies. She has a new phone so do I. I'll get her to try that on hers and see. Thank you.

No, refreshing your cache doesn't erase history, but deleting cookies will! On most browsers, open the page and use ctrl-R or F5 or clicking the refresh toolbar button.

You may need to use control-F5 (or control-click the refresh button) on chrome to really force a refresh. All this is doing is discarding all scripts and page data, and pulling a new copy from the server. Your cookies will still be sent to the server and used, so your history will stick.

Ok I'll try that. 


Our family had the same issue. There are other Dordle games that look identical, have the same daily puzzle number, but have different solutions. 

Hi , yes, we both do both of them now, she does the mini play one and mine the dordle by Zaratustra . So we post both our results up to each other. Thank you for your reply.