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Chess in Minecraft

A topic by ben_mkiv created Apr 03, 2018 Views: 276 Replies: 1
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Hey, so i've started some Chess Game for a Minecraft Mod named OpenComputers and got pointed on this jam :)

The Script is written in LUA, while OpenComputers provides the Touchscreen, Hologram Projectors and System ingame to run it.

The Board consists of 4 Touchscreens, so you select the figures by clicking their field. (it could be one big screen when changing the config, but 4 screens was some extra challenge ;))

figures are projected by 9 hologram projectors (each of it covering 6/9 fields)

Theres still some improvements to do, like the offset of some Projections, add AI and Gamerules... 

I'll add download links for the script and built instructions to this post when done :)

This looks complex and awesome!  Was it not too complicated to make? =o