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A topic by Spooky Cookie Games created Apr 01, 2018 Views: 154
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Isn't April 1st the best day to release a game?

Introducing: APOCABRIX!

From the store page: "

The last game made by Trey Townsend before he went missing in Nottinghamshire, England, in 1991. Brought to you by his cousin Jay X Townsend after digging it out from a loft or something.

APOCABRIX! is played entirely with whatever new-fangled device makes the arrow pointer on your screen move; be it a mouse, graphics tablet pen or DEAR LORD NO NOT A LAPTOP TRACKPAD.

On top of the game, Jay also managed to dig out his diary from the time, which tells something of the story surrounding APOCABRIX! and its developer Trey. Also there's the music, if you like pain to a funky beat."

That's me, I'm Jay X Townsend, and here is APOCABRIX!:

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