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Relm of light: Quest for the mystic cats (RPG, Adventure)

A topic by sadamoinsane created Apr 01, 2018 Views: 112 Replies: 1
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This game will be played over 3 large islands each having at least 1 Castle and many towns and villages and hidden caves.

My plan will be to release this game for free as a practice game on this engine before developing a much larger game that I have had the idea for a while.
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The plot:
An evil presence has arisen in the land of relm of light with the intention of taking over the land with his minions.

The hero has to go through quests to obtain 10 mystic cats that combined give the hero the ability to beat the evil that presides over his home land.

This is at the moment very early in development and the plot and mechanics will mature over time as i work though the story.

I will not be giving anything away about the mystic cats these are for the player to work out what they are. Are they real cats or are they some kind of artefact., however they possess the power to each give the hero a special power.

I plan to implement the following things for next update.

A better looking battle mechanic with character animation.
A farming system.
A mining system only for boulders to gain ore to use with blacksmith.
A quest book for keeping track of current quests.
The ability to transport between areas without having to walk, this will only be for areas that are unlocked.
Implement my types of enemy.
Implement icons over characters that have a quest for player making it easier to identify next quest.
Footsteps and ambient sound effects to help with player emersion.

I currently have no plans to implement a crafting system.