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A topic by Anil Demir created Apr 17, 2016 Views: 236
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Developer (2 edits)

- Make 'heal spell's heal amount more consistent based on character intelligence
- Make damage more consistent based on strength/intelligence in general (enemies hit too hard in high levels)
- Make text more legible
- More non-battle encounters

  • Tribal music heard in distance
  • Lonely dwarf offers a drink
  • Bandits want your money
  • Shrine with water in a clearing

- Add mana potions (not to go to inn for every mana fill)
- Health regeneration in battle (less than mana regeneration)
- Increase lowest level of enemies to encounter (because it's very hard to encounter final boss)
- Get rid of 'drink potion' button in battle setup (no need when there is bottom right corner)
- Add a "tutorial / how to" into the game