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What does the section of buildings labeled 'Gate' mean?

A topic by robbyph created Mar 31, 2018 Views: 1,640 Replies: 4
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I know what a city gate is of course,  but what is the large chunk of buildings also labeled stand for?

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This is one of the most frequently asked questions, probably I should add the answer to the description... Here is a text from some RPG book:

Gate wards are a bustling part of town, where traders line up to enter the city, sellers hawk their goods, and vendors sell various foods on a stick. Gate wards are second only to market wards in activity. In order to have a gate ward, communities must have gates, or designated areas where people must enter the city. At these areas of entry, some level of inspection, inquiry, or taxation of merchants usually takes place.

Cool! Thanks! Was there any particular source you used for town sections?


Initially there were only craftsmen, merchant and market (or something like that). Then I've found a link to that RPG book I cited and borrowed some section names from there (e.g. Patriciate) for the sake of variety. I can't find it now and I only have that piece of text because I answered the same question before :) It was some non-dnd book (or a excerpt from a book) about medieval city life. Actually I'm planning to rework this ward system and maybe I'll even remove them completely - multiple "craftsmen" placed side by side don't make much sense on a map.

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that the Gate Ward was *outside* of the city. 

People would bottle-neck there are they tried to gain entry to the city and were delayed with taxes, inspections, credential review, etc; so it was natural that vendors would set up trying to sell to those stuck outside of the city. It also served as a location for the merchants within the sity to sell to those who could not enter, or who needed to purchase, but didn't want the hassle of getting in.

Really enjoying the app, btw.