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2D Background Artist looking for work

A topic by Shi_2612 created 4 days ago Views: 92 Replies: 6
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Hey Everyone ! 

I'm looking for some work for my portfolio ! Basically, I just want some experience and I prefer working on something when I have an obligation or a theme given.

I tend to do semi realism, but if you want another style I wouldn't mind working on it. 
I'm just still a student however, meaning I tend to be busy so don't expect an illustration each week ! 

I need to add that I'm also doing it for fun, so if you are doing a very serious project (that is very important for you) we will have to discuss it .

Contact me on discord if you are interested : 

I don't have a project for you but I just wanted to comment and let you know that your artwork is downright breathtaking and I wish you the best of luck ^.^

Do you have an art portfolio or website? Some of your work would make pretty cool prints 

Thank you ^^ !
There isn't a lot to show yet, I'm still a student so I'm still working on some project to post them.

I use Artstation as my official Portofolio :

I use Deviantart as a way to dump what can and can't be on my portfolio

I can't find you on discord

Weird, I checked, my discord username is the right one ? 
Give me yours, I'll send you an invite.


It seems that you don't accept friend request ?