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Is there any possibility to add different language options to the game?

A topic by blabla000 created May 10, 2022 Views: 470 Replies: 5
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Im very interested about this story,but english is not my native language, so its kinda hard to figure out the plot with google translate


We would like to add translations but the game is colossal in length. There is some work being done in this regard but it will be a long time before there's any translation available, sadly.

Could something about the situation have changed? Another language (German) would be really great!


Sadly, nothing has changed. Our focus is still on finishing the game.

Hello, if you want to play it in another language there is a very good application that I use to translate the game called: "textractor" which is for PC.

To use it, just enter the game and the app, in it enter "attach game" , choose the game you want to translate, enter the game, let some dialogues pass (so that the app recognizes them), then enter the app and click the bar above that says "console", a few options will appear, just look for the one with the game dialogs (usually it is 4 or 3) and that's it

ps: the app works badly in 64bits, use it in 86bits (there are two folders, just choose the 86 one hehe) and play the game in 32 (in the game folder there is the normal version and the 32 version, choose that one)

ps 2: the app has a little box with the game dialogues, pin up that box to the screen with a key combination that I don't remember hehehe but it's good so you don't go out of the game at all times xd

pd 3: while writing I realized that the comment is almost a year old

Sorry without much understanding but my English is vegan