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Crossligh Pre-Alpha v.1.0.0 (Visual novel/Time management)

A topic by Derelict Samurai created Apr 17, 2016 Views: 143
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Crosslight Pre-Alpha v.1.0.0

This is conceptual model/Pre-alpha of the game i'm currently working on. it's visual novel/time management game where you uncover the story behind phenomenon called - "Crosslight", which happens to main protagonist. it will be interesting to see people involved in this and hear your feedback guys.

Currently avalaible:

*Try to gather as much cash as possible By working at the Hospital/Food Market 'till your "crosslight" day comes or your sanity reaches zero.

*1280x720 only

Plans for future:

*More to the story. (Which isn't there so far)

*More locations.

*Random events.


Crossligh main theme (YOUTUBE)