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Body Slider Recommendation

A topic by VauxiteYT created Mar 23, 2018 Views: 168 Replies: 1
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From using the program so far, there is a lot of potential to be used here.

One thing that i would LOVE to see added in, would be some type of body slider since there's only 1 body type available.

Like maybe slider for face features, body size and weight, etc...

Otherwise, the progam is put together pretty well


We're actively thinking about how to implement those features :)

One thing that make it quite difficult is Mannequin's core concept of using 2D instead of 3D; but in the other hand, all graphical assets used are vector-based images which are able to be scaled to theoretically unlimited resolution.

Can't say anything concrete for now, but we'll let you know as soon as something viable is planned.