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Secrets of Avalon [VN] [Otome]

A topic by Suru - Fate Maker Games created Mar 22, 2018 Views: 120
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Explore the Great Covenant of Avalon, a gathering of allied representatives on their home planet, as Dere Aislinn; a girl who lost her memory at the same place three years ago. Were your memory loss to be discovered it would be at great strain to your family. Without getting caught, uncover the mystery of your amnesia while navigating between politics and romance. Evade political, social, and sometimes physical dangers to regain what you’ve lost or choose to move beyond your forgotten history. Aid in the exploration of an ancient archaeological site while putting Avalon’s political stability at risk or help maintain the current status quo. While maybe along the way finding life-long friends or unexpected romance…


This demo is still in an early stage and there are known things that need to be worked on and suggestions we're always open to.