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A great start and wonderful homage to pre NES gaming!

A topic by theloon created Mar 22, 2018 Views: 209
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Full disclosure: I was given a preview copy by the developer.  Nevertheless, this is exactly the kind of fun I'd pay for.  Pre NES games were all about skill over volume of content.  Getting your character to the opposite screen is no joke.  The context for your sojourn isn't clear enough just by running the game so please check out his manual/instructions.  Also, the FIRE button is used as PAUSE.   Probably needs to be moved to the SELECT switch on the console to be comfortable for old school enthusiasts.  I could see future improvements such as more gameplay variations, more colorful sprites and backgrounds, etc.  Maybe this is just wishful thinking for a sequel.   On its own this is a great start and a great indicator of things to come!