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Lovely Composer

A playful music creation tool that like a game console music editor · By 1oogames

Can the interface size be changed?

A topic by Dakimakkura created Apr 23, 2022 Views: 103 Replies: 4
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sometimes by inertia I try to zoom, I feel that the interface is a bit small.

Developer (1 edit)

Does that mean screen won't be zoom perfectly to the window? Or does it mean that interface (buttons and so on) on the screen are small?

The next version will fix the problem that the screen does not fit perfectly in the window when maximized. (There is also the disadvantage that the pixels rattle, so you can switch the enlargement mode.)

I was referring to just that, about maximizing the interface being covered by black borders, which makes it personally a bit annoying.

I hope everything goes well in the next update


This update will help you.

1.2.5 released! - Fit to the screen - Lovely Composer by 1oogames (

thank you very much, this makes things much easier