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(Highly) Unstable Experimental Nightly Beta Builds! Sticky

A topic by WarpZone created Mar 18, 2018 Views: 93
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Developer (5 edits)

Bored with the official uploads?  Want to indulge in the latest bleeding edge features and experimental game mechanics, even though they might get ripped out, replaced, or rolled back tomorrow?  Don't mind downloading a version of the game that might be broken and on fire, just to see what would happen?  Roll the dice with Automated Nightly Beta Builds!

Using the most advanced batch file technology 1985 had to offer, I told my computer to go ahead and compile and upload the Unity project for me every night.  Assuming my computer's turned on and I'm not already working on the game when it happens, it should basically do this on its own.  It'll upload the project in its current state, regardless of quality or stability.  Expect bugs galore, missing features, evolutionary dead-ends, and all manner of chaos.

What could possibly go wrong? :D