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Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots

A retro sci-fi comedy point and click adventure featuring the hapless Captain Disaster. · By CaptainD

game will not play

A topic by wcurrie315 created Mar 17, 2018 Views: 122 Replies: 7
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Downloaded game.  All that happens is black screen and the words team disaster.  Any help?


Sorry to hear that.  :-( 

Strange... have you tried changing options in Configuration to see if that helps. Will it not run properly in either Full Screen or Windowed mode?

Please explain options in configuration.  


The game manual outlines what you can do with the config tool ("Game Settings" in the Start Bar menu) but let's try to find out what the problem is to hopefully give the most useful suggestions.

Clearly you have been able to download and install the game.  

1 - When it runs, do you have any sound?  If the game starts and you don't get any kind of error message then a video error seems unlikely.  

2 - Do you get any error message at all?  

3 - Does the "Team Disaster" logo zoom at out at you or just simply appear?

4 - I assume that after the logo appears you have waited a few seconds for the game to start before you exit?

Yes, I get sound.  No error message.  Team Disaster sign simply appears..  Waited several minutes to at least 10.


I'll ask my co-dev if he can think of anything - no-one else has ever had this problem that I know of.

Could I ask what your system details are?  Windows version / CPU / GPU etc, anything that might give us a clue as to what's causing this.  Thanks.

Hooray!  My brilliant use of this computer and your amazing concern for this game enabled me to put the game in window mode where before it was not.  Wow!  Now I get to play.  Thank you, thank you.  Betty


Yay!  So glad you got it to work!  I'm sure it was 99% down to your brilliant use of the computer! ;-)