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V2 Linux Version

A topic by Hippyjake created Mar 16, 2018 Views: 244 Replies: 8
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Is a V2 build coming for Linux? Ive bought the pro version months back.


It will come, currently there are still several shader issues to handle.

Wonderful and thanks. 


Awesome! thanks so much. :D

If I cant get V2, can you please provide a download link for the last working Linux version?

Im not that happy that I bought something then less that a year later was taken away with no warning.

I'm sure the Mac users are not too happy either.

Hmmm... One year later and nothing.

I just want to use the software that I payed money for. Come on man.

Here you go. I have just re-enabled the V1 download. Thank you for the complaint/suggestion. 

Thank you for the Linux link. If you want to gain more exposure for the Linux version of your software contact for a review.