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A topic by CountMoxi created Mar 16, 2018 Views: 400 Replies: 4
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This game seems needlessly hard. For starters, you only have a melee weapon at the start so you get super close to all your enemies. Combine this with you low HP (2 -3 hits if you're lucky) and the fact that enemies respawn once you leave a room, some enemies like the birds can move through walls, and that dying sends you back to the title screen, playing the game just seems too much like a chore. 

I would say give the player a gun at the start. The knife is way too weak as a starting weapon. And Increase HP a bit or at least give us checkpoints so it's not a hard reset on death. 

I did like the art for the game, and the narrative was intriguing as well. It definitely has a Cave Story vibe to it, and I think if the difficulty was toned down a bit, a lot of people would enjoy playing this game.


Thank you!

I agree with the poster, regarding everything he said about the difficulty.

Otherwise the game looks cute ♥

Also, why is this game uploaded to itch twice?

It's uploaded once under the title "Hack9" and again as "Hacker9" both are version 1.0 English.

These are two different games. I think Hack9 was originally released in 2008 and Hacker9 in 2010.