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Boink Zoink Hoink - A strategy puzzle game for PC and Android

A topic by BZH314 created Mar 14, 2018 Views: 108
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Boink Zoink Hoink is a 2D cartoonish constructive match puzzle game with a variety of gameplays (boards, goals, strategies, pieces and worlds)

Greetings Traveler,

Thank you for laying your rucksack here for a short rest while the court jester goes on with the pitch.

Some action

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Feeling like playing a cartoonish 2D puzzle game on desktop?

Boink Zoink Hoink might be for you or someone you know.


  • A variety of gameplays (Match-2, Match-3 and Match-4 on various board sizes)
  • A variety of goals (Reach a high-level piece, Destroy pieces, Reach a score, Timed challenges)
  • A variety of worlds and pieces (Animals, Masquerade, Medieval, ... and you guessed it: the classic candies!)
  • A variety of attempts at cartoon humor

Some of these puzzles can be quite challenging and switching from one to the other might keep your brain on edge.

If you're bored of crushing candies, please give Boink Zoink Hoink a try:

Boink Zoink Hoink is also available on Android as a free download if you want to try it first:

More Worlds, Levels and Platforms are coming so please stay in touch.

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Thank you!