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Terrafarming - Terraform the Moon with Captain Pipon!

A topic by Phaethon Games created Mar 14, 2018 Views: 73
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This is the version 0.1 of Terrafaming (the game where you help the cute and brave Captain Pipon in its quest to terraform the Moon!).

We added this to the game :

- Linux version
- Mac version
- Add water drop to the tree when they need watering
- Minigames exit improved
- The Zen Life Catalyst Device and the Seed converter are now more visible when you can use it for the first time
- Debug : the resources update while you are playing the mini-games now

Teasing of the features to come soon :

- Plant genetic and influence of biome
- Lots of different space plants
- New mini-games

To test the game it's here :

And if you want to know more about the game, the team or give us feedback follow us on Facebook

(All comments will be really appreciated ^^)