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Polar Ending

A topic by Wagnerman267 created Mar 13, 2018 Views: 2,654 Replies: 3
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Hey, I know it might be late to ask this, but is there an ending where you end up with Polar? I'm just asking because I haven't found one yet.


No, never too late to the party.  There is definitely an ending where you end up with him, it is tricky to get (mainly cause the other guys routes have the potential to derail you off his, if you let them) and there is only 1 way to attain it.  While there is no official guide, there are def some posts on Lemmasoft Forums that I'm certain can help.

Then search for "Dream Savior Gakuen".

If anyone could post some concrete steps on how to get Polar's endings, that would be great, thanks! I couldn't find any advice on the linked forum.


My reply might be too late, but the way to get the polar Ending is just to refuse all of the other 3. 

and here's the exact response

  1. ahh forget it
  2. I'm sure you are
  3. You're flaky but cute
  4. No, I'm a different sign
  5. Gimme a break!
  6. 99999
  7. NAH!
  8. Uhh...
  9. You love him but aren't in love?
  10. No way, I dont have time sorry
  11. 07
  12. A BRAT
  13. Not sure yet
  14. I'd like to know him more
  15. Probably
  16. 6666
  17. No thanks. I'll miss my bus home
  18. Naw, I'm just kidding
  19. Too much to handle for me
  20. We can't right now
  21. I'm going to watch the game
  22. Let it be, for now