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Phrase Generator

A topic by 20potter created Mar 12, 2018 Views: 86
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I just posted this game tool last night:

It is a simple phrase generator, it generates phrases that are 2 words with 2 syllables each.
Each syllable contains a consonant and a vowel. It can also be made to generate words with rhyming or alliteration.
The GUI Looks like this:

It is quite simple, and the phrase generator can be ran in silent mode, that way all the options and output can be handled viva editing text documents.
This means if you are designing a game with rogue-like elements you could use this tool to generate names for things, or bizarre catch phrases.

To run it in silent mode you must change SilentRun.txt to true in it's text document, set force alliteration and force rhyme to your desire settings by changing their txt files.
Then you run silentrun.vbs

After running silentrun.vbs it will change the phrase.txt in the save directory to the result.

An example result is ugoj ufoj with both force alliteration on and force rhyming on.