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Ravage through insanity. Souls-like for PICO-8. · By Gymcrash

MazeBorn 1.02 Released! Now available as Windows and Mac executables! Sticky

A topic by Gymcrash created Mar 12, 2018 Views: 130
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Developer (1 edit)


  • Smoother/faster & responsive  player movement
  • Re-balanced gameplay (including stamina management)
  • Better camera
  • Better demon/imp AI
  • Better Enemy AI / smoother enemies
  • Treasure counter
  • Enemy Balance jump from Level 2 to level 3
  • Super skeleton enemy
  • Smaller Mazes
  • Treasure counter per level
  • Less treasure needed per level to level up
  • Sword hitbox increased.

Bug Fixes

  • Level 8 is no longer out of memory bounds
  • Level 8 is the last level
  • Player movement (and enemy movement) is smoother
  • Demon fires fireballs at slower rate
  • Player resets correctly in the same room they were in after Depth 5.