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Shoutai: Possession DEMO, Chaos Theory, is out!

A topic by Grim Prophet created Mar 12, 2018 Views: 54
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Shoutai: Possession is a mystery-thriller that puts you in the shoes of the beautiful lolita Ishiko.
During her return home from hanging out with her friends in the Japanese district Harajuku,
she finds herself lost in the infamous suicide forest of Shoutai, with no clue on how she got there.
In order to escape the winding forest, Ishiko must rely on the assistance of a mysterious ghost girl,
who states she will help Ishiko escape if she locates her missing treasured items that were lost in the
forest upon her death. With no other option, Ishiko begins her search through the forest, in hopes of
learning how she arrived in the first place, and about the mysterious spirits that linger the forest.

Shoutai: Chaos Theory is the demo, which is there to test out game mechanics that are planned to
be implemented in the main game. Chaos Theory stars the young primary student Chou, who enters
the forest looking for a prized possession he had lost while playing with his friends in the forest.
However, he discovers a foul monster has stolen it, and he is forced to solve clues to further gain
entrance into the creatures domain. Along the way, he begins to learn the motive of the monster
who has been keeping his eyes on him throughout his journey through Shoutai...

The primary game mechanic is the introduction of "WILL". Will is your character's, well, will to
perform actions called "FEATS". Sometimes a task is particularly terrifying, and you must choose
whether or not to spend will in performing the feat. However, your character only has so much
tenacity! They're an elementary school kid and a teenage girl, after all. Once you lose all your will,
navigating the mysterious Shoutai Forest will be impossible...

Try us out for size!  We're really hoping for some feedback so we know going forward what to do for the main game! Come check us out!