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Mix Life

Multiplayer Survival Game · By TabDulApp

Mix Life : Build 0.1.7 RC 3_1 Changelog / Controller / Issues Locked

A topic by TabDulApp created Apr 11, 2016 Views: 382
This topic was locked by TabDulApp Apr 19, 2016


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Developer (2 edits)

BUILD 0.1.7 RC 3_1

  1. All Features on Build 0.1.7 RC 3 included (Read it Here)
  2. RC 3 Fix Runtime Error
  3. Some Error on Play Fixed
  4. Pub Server now Set to Lower Config to get more performance
  5. Custom Game Argument (serverMode)
  6. Drop Item from Inventory
  7. New Zombie Punch Animation

Controller :

  • W, S, A ,D for Movement
  • Mouse for Camera Rotation
  • Left Click to Attack
  • Right Click to Aim
  • Center Mouse to Slefie Camera
  • Shift to Run
  • Space to Jump
  • Z to Prone
  • X to Duck
  • C to Stand
  • V to change from FPS to TPS (TPS to FPS)
  • I to Open inventory
  • In Inventory, Drag n Drop to move item, Righ Click to Consume / Equip
  • Enter to Chat and Submit Message
  • Escape to Open Menu and Show Cursor
  • F for Flashlight (it'll be an item for next update)
  • E to Pickup Loot item and save it to Inventory
  • F1 - F6 to Animation (Press again to stop animation)
  • F7 to Stop Animation

Issues / Bug :

  1. Not Found Yet