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Mix Life

Multiplayer Survival Game · By TabDulApp

Mix Life : Build 0.1.7 RC 3 Changelog / Controller / Issues Locked

A topic by TabDulApp created Apr 10, 2016 Views: 335
This topic was locked by TabDulApp Apr 11, 2016


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Developer (1 edit)

BUILD 0.1.7 RC 3

  1. All Features on Build 0.1.7 RC 2_1 included (Read it here : )
  2. RC 2_1 Fix
  3. Error on Running Fixed
  4. Bug Player Fix- Public Server now dynamic (set by admin)
  5. Fix Player hit themself
  6. fix Player can shoot n kill other when animate bug
  7. Punch Range Increased
  8. Stop Attack when pause
  9. Stop Attack when Open inventory
  10. Stop Attack when Chat

Controller :

  • W, S, A ,D for Movement
  • Mouse for Camera Rotation
  • Left Click to Attack
  • Right Click to Aim
  • Center Mouse to Slefie Camera
  • Shift to Run
  • Space to Jump
  • Z to Prone
  • X to Duck
  • C to Stand
  • V to change from FPS to TPS (TPS to FPS)
  • I to Open inventory (you need press Escape to Show Cursors) -- will fix this later lol
  • In Inventory, Drag n Drop to move item, Righ Click to Consume / Equip
  • Enter to Chat and Submit Message
  • Escape to Open Menu and Show Cursor
  • F for Flashlight (it'll be an item for next update)
  • E to Pickup Loot item and save it to Inventory
  • F1 - F6 to Animation (Press again to stop animation)
  • F7 to Stop Animation

Issues / Bug :

  1. some Runtime Error