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Lovely Composer

A playful music creation tool that like a game console music editor · By 1oogames

What's People's Experience With LC On Mac + Can This Be Used As VST?

A topic by TwilightFlame393 created Apr 07, 2022 Views: 81 Replies: 3
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Hey everyone, 

So I just discovered Lovely Composer today, and the sounds that it's able to produce sound great! I'm thinking of getting it, but I have a couple of questions. There's only a beta version for Mac and it was just recently updated not too long ago . For Mac users, how's the experience been using Lovely Composer? I also wanted to know if this could be used as a VST as well. And just out of curiosity, has anyone ever made a Pokemon cover using Lovely Composer?

Developer (1 edit)
  • Mac is not officially supported now. There is a beta version that is not guaranteed to work.
  • It cannot be used as VST.
  •  Pokemon cover?

Will an official Mac version be released sometime soon this year, by chance? And yes, I was just curious if there was anybody who made a Pokemon cover song with LC.

Developer (1 edit)

The reason it is beta is mainly because of Mac security policies, and we do not want users who purchase apps on to not be able to use them in the way they are typically expected to launch them.

Until either Apple's security policy for Mac apps changes or I can be assured that the annual fee for the Apple Developer Program can be covered by sales of the Mac version, it will forever be in beta.