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Eelementary - for all your fish-based Sherlock Holmes pun requirements!

A topic by monkeyfluids created Mar 10, 2018 Views: 67
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EELEMENTARY: The Adventures of Holmes and Watson, Only They're Eels.

Can a one-note joke occupy more than about ten minutes of text-clicking gameplay? Almost probably! Play both episodes and try to find all of the endings! Or don't I guess!

If nothing else, it should give you something to look at while I work on ELEMENTGARY: The Adventures of Holmes and Watson, Only Everyone is Named Gary. (This is a lie - although if I was going to do it, the bad guy would be Garyarty. Brilliant.)

I've marked it as NSFW for language and drug references, but there's probably nothing that would get you fired if your boss glanced over your shoulder at it...