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Your thoughts about the new demo Sticky

A topic by Chegovia created Mar 08, 2018 Views: 248 Replies: 5
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Hello everyone, it's me, Chegovia/Clua, the creator of Infurubia.

This second demo took a while to be released but I am happy how things turned out, but what do you think?

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Hello! This is my first post but I felt that I have to write after playing. I have actually been following along for a while but I was going to wait for the full game to come out. But, I decided to give it go after replaying TKOT and Charlattans, and I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!! 

It's absolutely amazing! The game is easy to navigate, everything is beautiful, and characters are really well developed. I don't have anything useful to say other than what a great job you've done - so just keep it up! 

PS: It would be nice if you don't kill Celia off too early, poor Chacal. It would be unbearable to see him heartbroken :(



Thank you so much for making your very first post about Infurubia :A:!

I'm glad you decided to give it a try, I would love to have it done already XD But sadly this takes a lot of time...
About the PS I can't promise anything and I better not say much because I'm excellent in spoiling things XD, even so I hope everything ends up being a good experience overall. Thank you again!

Are there girl routes (female/female routes) in this game?


Hello! I'm very sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for your interest. Sadly, Infurubia isn't the kind of game where you can choose which of the characters to pursue(The main romance is predetermined, and it involves a girl and a boy) There are a couple of lesbian characters with their own love story, but I wouldn't recommend Infurubia to anyone who is looking for the experience to romance girls. Hope this helps :A:! 


Hello! Any updates? :)