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Look at results table before making choice?

A topic by vangamer1578 created Mar 28, 2022 Views: 134 Replies: 2
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I'm new to playing these styles of games and trying it for the first time with my kids.  We're catching up to present day, so working through the tutorial mission, and I have what is probably a very basic question.  When you are faced with a branching choice (e.g. Route A or Route B, Pick the lock or bash it open), are you a) supposed to; b) permitted to; or c) not allowed to look at the outcome algorithm/results table first?  I feel like C makes the most sense thematically, but just wanted to know in case I'm inadvertently making it harder on ourselves.

Thanks in advance


Thematically, I would say don't look. But you aren't hurting anyone if you did.

All right, thanks!  We'll go with C, and if the kids start to get beaten up too badly I'll let them have a peek while I play it straight!