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Super Cool Game!

A topic by Lonesomechunk44 created Mar 26, 2022 Views: 106 Replies: 2
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This game is really cool!! I love the way that character building is so simple but also very customizable so you can pick from premade archetypes or create your own character concepts and stuff! It's really scratching an itch of mine for a space fantasy/opera game that's got a nice balance of "crunch" and "rules-lite" elements 
I love your work overall but this one in particular was of interest to me and I'd love to see what other things you'll make :3 


Thank you for the praise!

Letting players just directly pick whatever abilities they want - and not having to worry about adding up a +1 here and a +2 there to get appropriate totals - has always been a big thing to me, and I feel it can really make even complicated systems a lot easier. I'm glad others appreciate it, too!

Yeah! I really love how it does the "freeform" character building thing! I feel like a lot of games that have classless systems tend to get too granular for my tastes but this feels like a nice balance