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Just played the game, now waiting for Chapter two

A topic by Kmon1413 created Mar 22, 2022 Views: 193 Replies: 2
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I just finished playing the last quest of this game and made it to the end of Chapter One, and I'm currently level grinding my characters to level 20/30  with a few questions on my mind...

At the beginning of the game, I saw that the Hometown had Cowgirls before that capital confiscated due to the madness Monster girls currently have, and was wondering if will there be a chance of seeing them later on in the game? 

 I also, noticed the water well in the Hometown wondering if there's anything down there like an underground cavern that may have to be visited later in the game?

After going to the graveyard, I wondered how to enter the abandoned lab and wondered if I should expect to see automation-type traps and the enemies aside from the current monster girls. 

The arrest by capital troops on the order of the king which resulted in multiple-choice answers to the accusations and questions asked by the King was unexpected and wondered if that issue will be revisited later due to the ship in the docks outside the castle walls?

While I was in the prison with my party, I noticed the priestess who volunteered herself along the way is either possessed along the lines of Dr.Jekyll and Ms. Hyde and had no restraint when it came to removing obstacles to the MC character and his party for her agenda, and even (redacted) him in that private room while in the Homespace on the second appearance after that other succubus joins the party, and will the main character be going to the Demon Realm to meet their queen on that issue about the (Redacted) the main character currently has?

Okay, with those questions asked I'll stop here and wish you well in your game-creating endeavors.


Developer (1 edit)

Hello and thank you so much for trying out our game and giving such lovely feedback!

From chapter 2 enemies will continue to scale to the average level of the party so that people who want to grind in the meantime can still have a challenge.

To answer your questions:

Whilst trying to avoid spoiling anything, we'll share some of the plans we have.

Yes, we do have plans to reveal the cow girls in a future part of the story. It will reveal what happened when they got taken away.

The well will indeed have a function later on, we want to add a few secret areas with unique equipment and things like that as a way to encourage players that like to explore and discover rare things.

The plan for the lab includes trying to navigate dangerous machinery but the main theme will be encountering failed experiments or hybrid monster girls. We're working on this particular area right now for one of the first few content updates.

More will be revealed about the emperor in due time during the story, the capital will be revisited and eventually a place you can go to again. The ship there will be used to explore areas of the map that are not currently accessible and possibly new continents when we have enough content.

Without spoiling the plot, you seem to be having the correct ideas about the priestess. When you eventually go to visit the realm of the succubi in chapter 2, more will be revealed about this situation and what her interactions with the player really mean. 

Hope this answers your questions!

Thanks so much for the well wishes, we hope our future additions will also be to your liking!

Thank you for your quick response to my reply, and I'm looking forward to playing chapter 2 with great interest.