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PixelCNC: Fast and Easy CAM for Images!

Generate a variety of 3-axis CNC router/mill toolpaths from images and 3D models! · By Deftware Industries

Possible Enhancement List

A topic by Donnie created Mar 01, 2018 Views: 93 Replies: 2
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- Crop tool.  Sometimes an image is loaded that has too much border around it.  You could open the image in an image editing package but if you cloud just draw a box or a free form draw tool in PCNC to crop, that would be nice.

- When you change the z-depth in the image dimension area, if the max depth in Operation Properties exceeds it, then automatically reduce this value to the z-depth.

Developer (1 edit)

Good idea. I've been thinking about how to have a public roadmap that indicates all the major features that are planned and some smaller stuff that needs to be done along the way. For a public feature request this will work fine.

With cropping images I have half of a system setup for specifying project stock material size/shape, allowing users to set either a rectangular or circular/round stock which toolpaths will be confined to. After getting everything in there on the UI side, and rendering the user's stock material as specified, I ran into a problem integrating it with the toolpath generation itself and decided that solving it was going to delay the public release further than I was willing to bear at the time, so I temporarily removed the existing code until I can determine the best strategy. User stock material specification is more in line with conventional CAM packages out there and will serve the purpose of a cropping tool, as well as being able to eliminate toolpaths from generating in project image corners if the user is going to cut a round piece, which is the original reason that I personally wanted to add the feature.

I do need more little things like the max Z depth thing to be found. I know the current UI is riddled with them. These are the little things I easily overlook while focused on other things. Having more sets of eyes on the lookout for these will get them solved much quicker than seeking them all out myself. Keep your eyes peeled for more stuff like this!



I'll post them as I find them.