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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

A Message From Idiodo

A topic by lolitty Lel created Feb 27, 2018 Views: 392 Replies: 3
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Hey Uhh Im 1D10D0 But Uhh lol says to call me Idiodo.  I am the world's first electric workerbot. ill tell you how I work.  so  I run off of electricity and i need batterys to survive. how to make a battery: turbine, metal plate, and water. turbine: metal plate 4, metal pole.  how to make me: 10 metal plates (yes 10!) one beacon, and one metal pole. well i hope you enjoy me denki. just2letuno i look like a completely metal basic workerbot with a customizable face. i last as much as 4 steam workerbots. so bye ^ᗜ^

Uhh Idiodo Why Did Nobody Reply?

i want a electric robot that you put batteries in

is u a robot

cuz if so u do not kno de whey