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lolitty Lel

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willn my data be erased when it updates?

My Unreal Engine (v4) is crashing when i try opening it. Will you add a fix to it because i forgot my steam key

Was That A New Log Storage? Owo

Autonauts community · Created a new topic OOF


Autonauts community · Created a new topic Guess Who's LOL

Hey Denki! 


I Saw The Gif Of You And Gary Coding Together. But Does This Confirm Autonauts Multiplayer?

Lol Ive Almost Played Autonauts For A Entire Day Just 1 More Hour To Go!

My Circuts Fried When I Saw Ancient Hoe

holy crab whats next better fishing? maybe some "crabs?'

how do i find my steam key?

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P.S. Make Sompthing Faster Than The Scooter Idk Maybe A Pair Of Shoes With A Wheel On The Bottom That Charges Up After Afew Steps? Cost: 2 String, 5 Metal Sheets, 2 Metal Wheels, And 6 Leather

EDIT: Make Metal Wheels On A Metal Workbench With 2 Metal Sheets And One Metal Chisel (You Should Get The Chisel Back From All Of The Chisel Required Stuff Until It Breaks)

make a more advanced box that still works with teleportation storage

(Maybe Add Item Pipes Instead To Collect And Transfer Items From One Box To Another Instead =D )

oh btw nice fence

yum yum immaa make cakes outa iggs for the STUPID folk


Uhh Idiodo Why Did Nobody Reply?

Hey Uhh Im 1D10D0 But Uhh lol says to call me Idiodo.  I am the world's first electric workerbot. ill tell you how I work.  so  I run off of electricity and i need batterys to survive. how to make a battery: turbine, metal plate, and water. turbine: metal plate 4, metal pole.  how to make me: 10 metal plates (yes 10!) one beacon, and one metal pole. well i hope you enjoy me denki. just2letuno i look like a completely metal basic workerbot with a customizable face. i last as much as 4 steam workerbots. so bye ^ᗜ^

Well Yes! At the top it says "Tracks has crashed and will close" or sompthing like that

it doesnt even load and it crashes! thx for helpingg Dr. Woop The Magical Game Doctor

The game is constantly crashing! Please Help!

That picture is on flique!

How Much Wood Does The Crank Saw Make?

Ideas for pumpkin: Bash with hammer for pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie = apple pie but pumpkin and an entire log to cook, pumpkin stew = same as mushroom stew but 2 water and you need a bigger bowl

it said "update" but when i clicked it NOTHING Happened!

I did not get the update! please help!

AMAZING game!!!!!11!!!  Can you add another new gamemode after cargo called knecksnap? It is about where you try to break all of the passengers necks and get your budget ($1.00 to $100.000) to $0.00

Oh Well Im Still Sending You Apple Pie =D

Can you make guest go outside if you let them? I made a little mini park that is on a room and the guest in the room won't go outside. I want some guest to go outside and stare at the sunset sometimes...

Denki I know your stoping developing until 2018, But My Bots And I Will Evrey Day Come To Your Door With Fresh Apple Pie, From My Pie Factory, So Denki I hope This Topic Told You That, My Bots And I Care For You.

Denki noticed me :3

Denki the normal jumper are quite small for the folks... so can you please add a longer jumper for                                                 them?