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Vocab lesson?

A topic by borlak created Mar 14, 2022 Views: 2,092 Replies: 14
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I think you might want to tone down the intense vocab words.  I'm not playing to learn new words but to find ones I already know.  The esoteric words make it much less fun and interesting.

If you toned it down to the top 1500ish most used 5 letter words, that would give you a few years of constant words without repeating, and by the time they do start repeating we'll have forgotten we used them.

Would you care to give some examples of these 'intense vocab' words?


What's  wrong with learning  a few new words? I am  here to learn some new words or to discover some I've forgotten. Keep it up. BTW nothing has been so obscure yet, IMO. 

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Totally agree, Rkats

Ok, I concede that today is an 'intense vocab' day.  Is this the shark-jumping moment?

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No, that would be today where there is no valid solution in English.

And before anyone starts: after failing I input the word into and it was not recognised. When the word you're using is in neither the OED nor Websters, you're doing it wrong. 


I'm in Australia mate so at the time of writing my today was your tomorrow. Anyway, we're talking about the same word.

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Grrr. Is there no solution to 1st word today (april fool's?) ? Cannot even get to max tries, because any word I try is not valid anyway!

It is very obscure. April Fools prank is a likely explanation.

Today's is obviously related to the date, and if you look up the definition of the answer it gives a nice giggle :) I enjoyed it. It also might be a reference to (spoiler warning!) this video.

I fortunately had the first three letters and had eliminated all other vowels, so I was able to type combos quickly until I got one that wasn't in red.  That was my guess of the most likely thing to be a word with what I had left after five guesses, but yeesh.

This is the first time I haven't known a word in Wordle, Dordle, or Quordle.  I've been playing since Jan 1 (Wordle) or mid-Jan for the other two.

I wasn't anticipating an April 1 joke, but I agree that's the most likely answer.  It's not using random words from word lists, since otherwise there would be regular plurals.

The problem with today's first word is that it doesn't really exist on its own.  Missed opportunity to make it an actual good April fool's prank.

:-}. Possibly the ONLY letter combination I had not yet tried ! 

I actually got it, unlike the last 2 days...figures. I only had one letter combo left that it accepted, so that helped.

are you talking about hapax?