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Unleashed - 2D RPG themed around sins & virtues

A topic by Yozamu created Feb 26, 2018 Views: 161 Replies: 2
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Hey there! I'm Yozamu, and I've been working on Unleashed for a year with an international team. We've just submitted our project on Itch IO, with a demo that you can get here:

Unleashed is a dark 2D RPG for Windows and Linux that features sandbox elements. It is set in Mystria, a magical world. The game has been inspired by famous series such as Pokemon or Final Fantasy. Our goal is to grab all the elements of the RPG we love and put them in a single game. Add to this the newest and popular features such as housing, crafting, farming, and you get Unleashed. We also wanted to work on a darker story focused on sins and virtues for a more mature audience. Lastly, we wanted to make an open world filled with details, unlike a lot of RPGs that really feel empty after some hours. What you can expect from Unleashed in 4 points:  

  • Exploration of a rich open world
  • Dark and complex story with a background to discover
  • Strategic semi turn based 3v3 battles
  • Random loot, events, encounters, and more!

A powerful curse has been cast across Mystria. It changed people, who became the expression of their primordial sin. Hiding their darkest impulses wasn’t possible anymore and their burning desire was the only thing guiding them. The curse affected the soul deeply, breaking it into ten parts. Each of those parts could represent either a sin or a virtue, able to manifest itself into the physical world via entities called Achivaras. By dying, the soul’s parts are permanently summoned as Achivaras, unleashed in the wilderness.  

A religious order, the Devoted, was created after the curse happened. This order is led by the spell casters, who want to take advantage of people’s obscured mind. They praise the curse as if it was a blessing, freeing humans from their deep darkness.  

However, some people were spared by the curse. Thus, they couldn’t be manipulated as easily as the others, which eventually raised some questions the Devoted wouldn’t like to answer. To mitigate the influence those people could have, the Devoted decided to call spared people the Rejected, as if they did not deserve the blessing like the others.

The magical world of Mystria is composed of over 250 individual maps that can be explored at any time. Each map is unique and has a lot of varying elements such as the encounters you can make, the resources that spawns, etc. There are even cases where paths can be opened or blocked depending on the moment you visit the map. The curse affected the environment that literally froze. Even though days still pass and resources still grow magically, there’s no more expression of the wilderness such as flowing water or crackling fire since the curse was cast.

Every map can be explored right from the beginning of the game. Indeed, there is no restriction linked to the story that would let you explore only a certain area of the game before completing some quests.

However, there is close to no level scaling in the game. While you can explore the world freely, each area has an average level. It means that, if you want to explore volcano lands, you can go towards them directly, but your level will be way too low and you will probably die at the first encounter you make. For those who like challenge, you’ll appreciate knowing that rarer resources are available in high level areas. It means that you can go there if you want to acquire money quickly, but there are lots of risks when compared to areas matching your level. As you will see, the accent has been put on interactions. We’ve tried to put as much elements as possible that you could interact with. You can fish in water, dig dirt piles, cut trees, open chests, mine rocks… Every item has its own use, and if you don't find any use for one, you could still sell it!

While a soul can hold up to 10 different creatures, only 3 can be summoned at a time in order to fight. This is why fights are organized in 3v3 battles; when a creatyre dies, another one can be summoned. Each creature has stats such as attack, defense and speed. These stats will have an influence on the damage taken, inflicted, and also on the cooldown before the creature can act again. Stats can be modified by several factors such as the player's equipment.

Brilliant art! The fact that in combat the units are not animated and look that shaky gives a little of a "clumsy" touch, but I can imagine the incredible additional work that doing so would have involved. Well done all in all!

Thanks for the compliments;

indeed the creatures aren't animated, because the artists that worked on them were primarily "regular" artists. By this I mean that they weren't specialized in videogames and were more focused on static art and didn't know a lot about animating. 

We'll do our best to polish the game so it looks the best we can