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Great for all 868 fans

A topic by rostok created Mar 11, 2022 Views: 321
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Couple of years ago I played Cinco Paus but were put off by lack of English translation. Just recently I tried again and was pleasantly surprised to find German language. That helped a little but not much, yet I was able to start. CP's got a steep learning curve. It somehow reminded me of initial 868-hack experience where my first great achievement was to just complete all sectors. Played some more and with time I started playing for points. Same goes with Cinco Paus, once you get familiar with all the rules it's not that hard and even entertaining. I must also confess I cracked the exe and replaced original texts with ones from Google translate. Yes, I know this is a blasphemy. But after Corrypt and 868 I feel like its a right thing to do.