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nice and responsive, good job

yes, it is the second ending. sorry for no extra indicator but this is 1kb game

hello it is!

thx. full source with comments is included.

yes. the monotony of raising the walls around may give peace but it has some hazards as well.



congrats on the release! nice game but, must say, quite oppressive. maybe not like jumping jack hardcore classic but in a more creeping way. marvelous packing.

Apart from being cute I also love how this game enhances its core mechanics with each level making it slightly more challenging and interesting. The growing scale is hilarious. But again, the river, the moving platform, the wind are some extra cool features that attest well-thought-out design.

this is quite an addictive game!

OK. The tool looks like letter T

well done

I won't give you precise directions but can provide an iso map of the area. 

well done

Glad you liked Dehydrated! Wonder why you went straight into the desert - nothing's there. This reminds me of Herzog's nihilist penguin 

Thanks! You can still create commented source and link it from the game page.

Thanks! Initially I wanted the whole area to be either endless or a looping map with the water place be picked randomly and available only after certain time/distance travelled. However I thought this would be somehow frustrating since if player chose the wrong direction at the beginning it would take too much time to get to the place. So now the map and all locations are hardcoded. And, yes, the tool is actually there and it is main purpose it to make the gameplay little longer. 

"P1 Select -" lacks OpenAL32.dll. One can get this from the other zip.

thanks, glad you liked it!

Glad you liked it!

Well, iIt may look easy but step outside and start punching people around.

Most of them come from Library of Congress as part of Heritage Documentation Process, not only they are hi-res but also free. 
here's an example:

like no blood at all or black blood?

thx. it was supposed to be a really simple style. but when I showed the prototype to my wife she said sth like "this is cool, but it will be better if I'll do the art". and so she did. 

I don't remember what it was about. 

Couple of years ago I played Cinco Paus but were put off by lack of English translation. Just recently I tried again and was pleasantly surprised to find German language. That helped a little but not much, yet I was able to start. CP's got a steep learning curve. It somehow reminded me of initial 868-hack experience where my first great achievement was to just complete all sectors. Played some more and with time I started playing for points. Same goes with Cinco Paus, once you get familiar with all the rules it's not that hard and even entertaining. I must also confess I cracked the exe and replaced original texts with ones from Google translate. Yes, I know this is a blasphemy. But after Corrypt and 868 I feel like its a right thing to do.

this style is gem

The heavy sword stuck in stone deals larger damage so you should eventually beat the demon, especially if combined with the jumping attack. This combo does doubles damage added on top of the one from the stone sword.

If you still can't - try playing at the 'too easy' difficulty setting. If all this fails use quick saves.

Very glad you liked the story and game. Hope you will slay the beast.

Now I recall that after picking up the phone the screen actually did fade to black and game was closed afterwards. Maybe I am old fashioned but I find it quite confusing to game to close on in-game and not menu driven event. Regardless - it was fun to experience the anticipation. Will look forward to your next projects.

I like the game but it just shut down twice. First time once the cab pulled in, second when I received call. The output_log.txt last entry was sth like "Quit request". 

Thank you! Loved it. And now I know what it is to leave one's comfort zone.

loved the 13th level joke! ❤