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TestPace X ¨- Under development.

A topic by Yue created Feb 25, 2018 Views: 322 Replies: 17
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I have been designing and developing TestPace X for Windows operating systems for two months.  So here I'll be updating the progress of the project. 

The game itself is an astronaut stranded on Mars, whose main goal is to stay alive as long as possible.

Currently the project is going for the development version 0.9 alpha, where there is a character in the first person who can get into a car and move freely through the hypothetical terrain on Mars, nothing special, using the keyboard, and the mouse to interact with the stage. 

About the character, it initially has a health bar that is closely related to the oxygen bar. If the oxygen reaches zero, the health bar is immediately affected and declines dramatically. When the oxygen reaches zero, the vision is affected and when the character dies, the screen is shown in grayscale. 

I hope for version 1.0 to have the first mission ready, and from now on work on improvements, and implement the respective audio. 

It's true that I don't have the slightest idea what the red planet is like, but it's just a game, so anything can be possible or not

Kind regards. 

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The terrain is constructed by means of a height map, the clearest parts are the highest. In this case I was initially using a map of 512 x 512, and now the terrain is much larger, twice the size, as the measurement is 1024 x 1024 with a detail of 8000 triangles that are displayed near the camera.  The size of the terrain in the game is about 10,000 square units (meters) and that is where we will develop the game mechanics.

The mechanics of the game is based on the character, starting point and finishing point. Point A, initially has a landing capsule where our player is presumed to land in emergency on the red planet.

And the destination point named B is the refuge.

In the middle of the map at an altitude of 110 meters we find the explorer. This scout is there from a past mission and is presumed to be in good condition. And the main objective is to reach the shelter to stay alive.

Mechanics of the game first objective

This is very simple, get to the shelter from point A to point B alive. Eventually this would seem impossible since something happens to the oxygen condenser that does not work well and therefore the oxygen ends much faster, it is then when it is time to open your eyes and look for an oxygen condenser in the forced landing zone.  

In the same way, a single capacitor will not work, this is because you can see its deterioration by looking at the colors on your panel, a green color implies longer duration of oxygen, a yellow color, a medium quality of the capacitor, and a red color implies that it is damaged and if used the result can be unnatural because it produces a lot of carbon monoxide but may be repaired.

It is then that several of these objects are needed to reach the car's position and reach the shelter.

Tasks to be completed for 1.0 Alpha

  1.  Set the types of condensers: Oxygen condensers can be set by creating three meshes with different colors, however you can from code recover the surface of the panel displaying its status and change that color.  
  2. Establish mechanisms for the player to collect these capacitors from the ground surface, or inside other objects.
  3. Determine when condensers need to reach the explorer, their position of those capacitors on the ground, the route to follow, and the dangers they may face. (Meteor, Dust Storms etc.) 
  4. Set a car power indicator, car power batteries for your movement. 
  5. Establish correct positions of both the starting point, car position and shelter position.
  6. Graphic options on the launcher (screen resolution, rock density, gloss effect on/off, etc.) 

Already for the next development version, 1.1 we will have the sound engine implemented. So that's it and let's get to work. 

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Oxygen Condensers

The oxygen condenser is a simple model that establishes the amount of oxygen the astronaut carries in his space suit, refuge or car. These capacitors have colors that establish the state of functionality found: Red, yellow and green.

In the game you have the possibility to model three different objects for each color, but the most feasible thing is that by means of code these colors change in a single model. 

The models have surfaces, in our case the oxygen condenser model has four materials that are applied to their respective surfaces. In this case only by code we recover the desired surface with a brush and establish its new color according to the need.  And that's when we have an oxygen condenser with three possible states.  

I continue with the advance for the new development version. This has a significant change in lighting and terrain. It has been established that the angle of light is above the vehicle.

On the first mission, the player is already able to start the game, take the oxygen supply, get to the vehicle on foot and finally to the shelter. 

There are several things to consider, such as thinking about the possibility of implementing a radar, or relying entirely on the player's common sense to advance to the refuge by only looking at certain aspects of his position after landing on Mars. 

So we'll see what happens. 

This effect the user will have the possibility to activate or deactivate it in the respective game launcher.

Here we have the final image of the game. This happens initially when the character dies from lack of oxygen and his life reaches zero.


The checkpoints are intended to guide the astronaut as he takes the vehicle to his destination, the refuge. 

Enhanced Particle System

The control route test shows how to get to a certain world on the map, where we will have the refuge.  This test has allowed us to find the right balance between the number of rocks and a balance between performance and graphics. That's when we have 500 rocks rendered and only a few visible near the vehicle. 

At the last checkpoint near the mountain there will be a refuge where the astronaut has to arrive.

That's all for today. :) 

Improving the game's launcher. 

For your collaboration and to stimulate the project, we offer you the possibility that your name appears in the game for the astronaut.  This name can be selected from the game launcher and will appear next to the astronaut's health bar. 

Kind regards.

Initially the game launcher will have a pre-defined option that automatically selects the screen resolution that the player has on his desktop, another option to set whether the game runs in full-screen mode or windows window.  And the field defined for the astronaut's name, this name is established as a reward for people who have donated money for the project.  So other options will be implemented in future versions. 


Testing Display Resolution on Game

Well, we continue with the development, this time we bring the test of the game launch where you can choose between different types of resolution that are supported by the player's machine.

Now, in this test it becomes evident an error is caused by the thread that loads the resources in the background while viewing the red planet, I think the next thing is to correct that error, because it prevents the game from running correctly in Windows 8.

The name of the astronaut, people who in one way or another support the game.  :)

Thanksgiving system for the users who give their financial support for the project. :)

Collision System with shelter

We have a new model that we believe is more in line with the previous Russian satellite. 

The next step is to correct a mistake where the first person player always goes to the right or left. Debris will then be placed in the landing zone, and the arrival at the target is set for other tasks.  I also have to implement a compass to guide the player..