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Snack Fans: a messy, endless, html5 game

A topic by Computergame Concern created Apr 05, 2016 Views: 510
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Snack Fans is a mobile-friendly browser game in which you are a dog and/or a dude, endlessly eating snacks and avoiding obstacles.

It was made to accompany a record called SNACK FANS by a messy punk(ish) band from London: Dog Chocolate. They are my friends and asked me to make a game to go with the songs. The band and the game share a diy ethic - self-consciously stupid and not exactly polished but I think it's fun and carrying a certain value!

The doggy and the dude are connected physics objects and kind of bonk around the screen, yanking each other hither and yon.

You can play it here (and I'd be most pleased if you did and let me know what you think):

The are links on the page to the band, should you wish to hear them! The music in the game is a version of their song 'Every day is the end if the world for someone'.

My best score so far is 35