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At Least You Actually Own This Zine: or, What's the Deal with NFTs?

A topic by Feral Rainbow created Mar 06, 2022 Views: 64
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At Least You Actually Own This Zine

I know zines aren't huge on, but posting this here because I think it covers a topic that is important and relevant in indie games and art! Also, we're totally aware of and fully support's stance on NFT projects, this is not an NFT project, it's an explainer and criticism of the crypto space. A lot of people on here are probably pretty savvy about this but this is also totally intended to give out to folk who are less online and need an easy explainer.

 At Least You Actually Own This Zine breaks down NFTs and cryptocurrency concepts into easy explanations and presents these alongside the current criticisms of NFTs/Crypto - helping artists, investors and anyone else who's heard of this nonsense to understand what is Actually Going On. Exploring a complex topic using simple no-jargon language and fun illustrations, we've designed this zine to be understood by almost anyone to finally cut through some of the bullsh*t.

Someone you love keeps talking about crypto and you don't really understand? This zine will explain.

Thinking crypto might be a good way to make money, but kinda worried because you're not sure how it all works? This zine will explain.

Heard crypto is bad but don't really know why? This zine will explain.

Feel free to download and redistribute this pdf, as so long as you don't mint it as an NFT we're all good.

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