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Create Game Character Avatars!

A topic by adventureassets created Feb 22, 2018 Views: 69
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I recently made a 2D character avatar maker based on an .ai (illustrator CS6 and up) file. It can be useful for games based on dialogues where you want a connected face for a character speaking. The style of the characters creator is more cartoony than realistic looking and has many different pre-made objects/elements to choose from which ranges from eyes, mouths, clothes, hair, facial hair, accessories etc. You can make many different types of characters like humans and aliens and you can make them happy, sad, annoyed, angry.

Everything has been grouped and labeled appropriately so it's easy to tell what it what. All you really have to do is toggle visibility on a object in a certain category you want. You can also change hair, skin and eye colors in one go instead of having to manually go in to every eye or every hair related item and change it manually.

Because it's vector based you can also export it in many different sizes without losing quality. But you should know how to use Illustrator and have a copy of it to use it. At least CS6 or up. 

I plan on adding more assets in the near future as addons, like maybe sci-fi related things, fantasy or other that can be added to a character if it's wanted.

The license is pretty generous, as you can use it to make as many characters as you want for as many commercial or personal games as you wish. The only thing you can't do is re-sell or re-distribute for free, the file, the characters made with it (as is) or the vector elements in the file. You can of course as said earlier, include your made characters in your games and promotional images/videos for your games.

Here's a video tutorial of how to use it:

The product can be found in my store here:
If you have any questions or feedback or ideas, I am more than happy to hear about them! :)