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Some Questions and Ideas

A topic by Tueddeldraht created Feb 22, 2018 Views: 134 Replies: 1
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First of all: interesting game. It is very relaxing to build a small track, to place objects and also the "mission mode" is already playable.

I bought the game on Steam and as far as positively surprised :).

Here are a few questions and possibly ideas:

Will there be a steam workshop? Especially for own maps, missions and objects this would be perfect.
What about several trains, both solo and possibly multiplayer?
Adjustments of objects (color choice for different object levels).
An "automatic" mode, where the train departs via signs / traffic lights / switches, certain rods automatically.
Other vehicles, such as wooden cars, with associated road sets.
Dominoes, marbles, switches, etc .. to make small Physic-plays.


Thanks, glad you're enjoying it.

I will definitely be adding workshop support for tracks you create, and then after that I am hoping to get custom models working too.
Multiple trains will likely happen, multiplayer I'm not sure about yet. That would definitely need to wait until the rest of the core game is done, and even then it isn't for sure.
Color options will definitely happen.
Automatic mode will likely be part of the multi-train aspect as I'll need to figure out how players can control more than one train, it isn't too feasible with the current system.

Yep, lots more objects of all types are planned. I already have a couple of models like that ready (a tractor for example) which will be releasing soon.