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[Apple and Google] [Marketing] App Store Optimization Services

A topic by jeanellecastro created Feb 21, 2018 Views: 79
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Hello everyone, my name is Jeanelle. I'm a mobile marketing manager with 4 years experience in mobile game marketing, and my team specializes on ASO (App Store Optimization).

Our team helps indie developers increase their visibility in the App Store via Keyword and Creative Optimization, which plays a crucial role in your game's marketing. What is Keyword and Creative Optimization?

In the flooded app stores, your chances of being discovered by potential players are very slim. Unless you are blessed enough to be featured by Apple or Google, your only other chance of getting more people to install your game would be with Keyword and Creative Optimization.

With Keyword Optimization, we'll analyze your current set of keywords and craft a new set that will increase the likelihood of a user finding your game through a keyword search. This step is highly intensive, and usually requires a few iterations to make sure we've given you the best set of keywords. The highest percentage of app discovery comes from app store SEARCH!

With Creative Optimization, we'll analyze your current app store creatives and modify them to increase the chances of a user to actually press that "INSTALL" button, once they've seen your game in the stores. This step requires a lot of revamping and testing; we have to make sure the app's message is delivered well, and that your store aesthetic looks worthy of a download. 

Creative optimization isn't just for branding - it's vital that a user installs your app after searching to boost your app's overall relevancy. Otherwise, the app store algorithms will push your app further down the dark abyss of their stores.

If you're interested in working together, please email me at We can discuss to see if our services are a good fit for your project! Thanks everyone.