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PixelCNC Has Moved:

CAM software developed by artists for artists to create unique and original works on a 3-axis CNC router or mill. · By Deftware

PixelCNC Status

A topic by ClarkJeff created Mar 01, 2022 Views: 236 Replies: 4
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I purchased a LongMill 30x30 CNC and am researching applications to run it.

I was excited to discover your application, was impressed with the features, and assume it will work well with the LongMill.

I downloaded the Trial and will be reading through the User Guide.

I wanted to check on the status of the Application, as I didn't see any recent updates, so I wanted to confirm that you're still developing it.

I appreciate your skills and what looks to be an excellent product that I hope to learn and use.



Hi ClarkJeff,

Glad to hear PixelCNC looks like it's the tool for the type of job you're aiming to be able to do. It just so happens that today I've been working on getting the first beta version all packaged up for release and the new website launched. I was hoping to get everything up today but ran into a few snags so tomorrow is looking like the more realistic possibility. The unforeseen snags always seem to be popping up though so it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for the beta launch to take another two or even three days. Most of the time that's passed since the last update went out in August has been spent on getting the new website setup to finally move off of After that's done there will be updates at a more regular interval again :)

 - Charlie


OK, excellent timing!  ;)

Is your pricing going to change with the beta?

Am I still able to get in at the current price?

I used to be a Developer and am now a SQL DBA, so let me know if I can help with anything. 



Yes the price will be going up to $250 once the beta version is released on the new site. Existing users always receive updates free of charge so the best time to get your copy is ASAP if you want to save $30.

You will receive a product key from the new site once I port the latest customers over just before the launch, so keep an eye out for your key in the near future if you do purchase PixelCNC from the current website.

Thanks for the offer to help with the web side of things, I'll keep you in mind ;)

 - Charlie


OK,  I sent an email to with some other questions.  I think that's the correct email?  Thanks!