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Hi everyone! Spheres of Evil v1.1 - Beta was released on 2/18. Get it for free and play 5 levels

A topic by Back to the Abyss created Feb 20, 2018 Views: 106
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We are Back to the Abyss, a game studio from Uruguay. We are excited to let you know about our game, Spheres of Evil, and share a few download links. It's a free beta for now.

New v1.1. version of Spheres of Evil (Beta) is released on 2/18. It now includes new graphics for the whole levels, more detail regarding level accomplishments, inventory management regarding keys, amongst other improvements and bug fixes.

Spheres of Evil it's a tough top-down action/RPG/arcade/puzzle maze game. It's a game about demonology, you have to release demons trapped by angels everywhere, in a huge dungeon, in order to receive powers and level-up your player, while also scaping all kind of traps and obstacles. Die over and over again in this game, while trying to find the exit zone to the next level.

We are still working on more levels, more traps, inventory system (nearly finished at the time of writing this), objects/collectibles, secrets/secret areas, and several visual and sound effects. The game will be available on PC/Steam in March, hopefuly.

Download Spheres of Evil v1.1 (Beta) from

*Extract ZIP file contents into a folder in your Desktop

Gameplay - Beta