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SOULLESS - Interactive Fantasy/Visual Novel releasing next week! Learn More!

A topic by flairvee created Feb 27, 2022 Views: 835 Replies: 4
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Hello lovely people! I am Flairvee, a Computer Engineer, Independent Game Developer and Freelance Artist. It is my absolute pleasure to reveal a game project that I have been working on for the past 5 months. 

SOULLESS - A Visual novel/Interactive story and otome inspired game for Linux, Windows and Mac. Immerse yourself in action, drama and romance and make choices which will lead you to one of the 8 endings. 

Art and Story by Flairvee 

Made with Ren'Py 7.4.11

Soulless is a story about the player, who works as a doctor in a simple town; but things take a turn for the worse on a train ride back home, which leads the player straight into a dangerous world. Official trailers, storyline, art and more coming soon!

I have always had a love for art and stories and even more than that, I just love it when people see my art and it fills them with warmth and excitement. I also like to code, and hence I had the idea to make a visual novel in the best way and quality possible. 

30+ Intricate Backgrounds!

For Soulless, I have drawn more than 30 backgrounds myself on my computer, ensuring the best quality and atmosphere that I imagined as I was writing the story, so that the players can see and feel exactly what I was feeling. 

50+ Exquisite Artworks!

I feel that the best part of a visual novel game is the special CG art, which comes at some very important and special parts in the story. I also want to add a lot of CGs and give a super dramatic effect to the story! Apart from official game CGs, I plan on preparing a concept art set, which is around 30% complete already! I will definitely be adding more! 

Compelling Characters and Story!

And a very, very important aspect of any story is the cast... The characters are brought to life, with their simple yet complicated demeanor and feelings and backstories. In Soulless, you will meet some very interesting and intriguing characters and maybe terrifying characters. Stay tuned! 

See you soon!

flairvee <3


Really excited about this Project! Kudos to your Effort : )


So am I!! Thank you so much!! :D

Hello! Flairvee here!

I feel really sad to tell y'all that the release of my game SOULLESS will be postponed because of some technical issues. It'll take upto 10 to 15 days at least. As the game's first phase is complete, I have lesser things to worry about... 
I've been so anxious and excited to share my project but sadly some little issues have shown up, and we all have to wait... I'm so sorry T_T 

In the meantime, I decided to share some sneak peek shots (available on my Instagram) and the Phases in which I will be releasing Soulless. 

The game will be released in 3 Phases:

Soulless Ambience 

This phase contains 5 chapters and gives an overview of the plot and conflicts. Players will get an idea of what is going on and what they've gotten themselves into! Most characters will be revealed in this phase. 

Soulless Ephemeral 

This phase contains 4 chapters and makes you dive deeper and deeper into the Universe built so far. Players will get a wider perspective about the story as well as the characters, with lots of important choices and heartwarming scenes. 

Soulless Redemption 

The final phase of the game, which contains 4 chapters. As the name suggests, events will unfold and in the end players will finally get to see where their choices have lead them. They can choose which character to end up with and see what they have turned out to be. 

Soulless contains a total of 8 possible endings, endless choices and beautiful scenes. More coming soon! 

Thank you! 

flairvee <3

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Hello, FlairVee here!! 

Watch the Official Teaser of my upcoming game - SOULLESS - A Visual Novel/Interactive Story on YouTube! 


Thank you so much! 

My Channel: FlairVee 

Thank You! <3

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