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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark - Demo

Turn-based tactical RPG focused on storytelling and character customization. · By 6 Eyes Studio


A topic by mankyking1 created Feb 18, 2018 Views: 228 Replies: 3
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i have an error, (unfortunately) when i try to run the game (mac version)after the 9 eyes logo (or what ever it it) the game goes to a black screen and doesn't change. can i get some help?


Hello :)

I've heard from some mac users that the game secretly "loses focus" sometimes after starting it, so it looks stuck on a black screen, but it's actually just not focused and 'paused in the background'. Try forcefully giving it focus again.

If that doesn't do it... I admit I'm not sure. The mac demo build is quite a bit outdated by now compared to our main game version as we've redone a lot of systems to ensure the Mac build runs as smoothly as possible. We'll eventually put a new demo build up, but we're focusing on our Beta Backers build currently.

what do you mean "Try forcefully giving it focus again." i tried pressing every button but that did nothing...

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd it works now that i checked it again... *facepalm*


focus: basically, click on it.

We have a new build and I believe this issue should be resolved in it. We're planning on putting it up soon. It contains about 6 months of various fixes from our Beta Build and should be looking a lot better :)